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In compliance with standard online practices, our website employs cookies, small files downloaded to your computer, to enhance your browsing experience. This document elucidates the information cookies gather, their utilization, and the option to manage or disable them. While we strive to maintain your site experience, disabling cookies may affect certain functionalities.

For general information on cookies, refer to the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies.

How We Use Cookies:

Cookies serve various purposes outlined below. Disabling cookies may compromise site functionalities, and unless certain of their necessity, it is advisable to keep them enabled.

Disabling Cookies:

Adjust your browser settings to prevent cookie storage (refer to your browser’s Help for guidance). Note that disabling cookies may impact the functionality of our site and others you visit. We recommend keeping cookies enabled.

Cookies We Set:

  1. Email Newsletters Related Cookies:
    • Purpose: Used for newsletter or email subscription services.
    • Function: Remembers registration status and displays relevant notifications.
  2. Orders Processing Related Cookies:
    • Purpose: Essential for e-commerce or payment facilities.
    • Function: Ensures order information continuity between pages for proper processing.
  3. Surveys Related Cookies:
    • Purpose: Conducts user surveys and questionnaires.
    • Function: Uses cookies to track survey participation and provide accurate results.
  4. Forms Related Cookies:
    • Purpose: Applied when submitting data through forms.
    • Function: Remembers user details for future correspondence.
  5. Site Preferences Cookies:
    • Purpose: Enhances site experience by allowing preference customization.
    • Function: Remembers user preferences for consistent interaction with affected pages.

Third-Party Cookies:

In specific cases, we utilize third-party cookies from trusted sources. The following details potential third-party cookies you may encounter:

  1. Google Analytics:
    • Purpose: Widely trusted analytics solution to understand user behavior.
    • Information Tracked: Duration of site visits, pages viewed, aiding content improvement.
    • For more details, refer to the official Google Analytics page.
  2. Testing and Optimization:
    • Purpose: Ensures consistent experiences during feature testing and optimization phases.
    • Function: Utilizes cookies to understand user preferences during testing.
  3. Sales and Business Statistics:
    • Purpose: Tracks statistics related to product purchases.
    • Function: Enables accurate business predictions, aiding advertising and pricing strategies.
  4. Behavioral Advertising:
    • Purpose: Supports site funding through advertising.
    • Function: Presents relevant ads by anonymously tracking user interests.
  5. Social Media Integration:
    • Platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram.
    • Function: Social media buttons set cookies to enhance user profiles or contribute to data held as per their respective privacy policies.